Sammy Davis Jr.: The Writer Who Saved His Estate by Pamela Sherrod

four stars

sammySammy Davis Jr., was, indeed, a living legend. But when he died in 1990, the world was shocked by the financial tsunami that nearly toppled his estate. Faced with over $5 million in debt, the largest tax lien in the country and the seizure of their home, Altovise, his widow, was devastated when friends rejected her pleas for help. Pamela Sherrod stumbled into the center of the storm while partnering with Mrs. Davis to produce an inspirational film for kids. Sherrod unwittingly became a seemingly silent witness to the devastation that would unfold. Ultimately, she played a vital role in the outcome of one of Hollywood’s longest and most vicious battles over an entertainer’s estate. The remaining half of an iconic couple, that helped define the entertainment industry and break down the stereotypes of the times, is left to wonder what everything was for. What had they worked all their lives for?

Pamela Sherrod has opened a window into the life of a beloved character. She writes with care and grace, painting a relatable portrait of a man who captured the hearts of so many. Her first-hand accounts bring the story, with all its sordid details, to life with compelling accuracy. We can feel the tension rising between the pages and the characters. Sherrod’s prowess pulls you in and keeps you reading from beginning to end. Sherrod beautifully executes the telling of the story of this heart wrenching unsung hero and heroine.

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