Sandler Krane, Private Eye by Stephen M. Kahn

Sandler Krane, Private Eye by Stephen M. Kahn Ph.D.


privateSandler Krane, Private Eye follows the trials and tribulations of a former Marine turned hardboiled private investigator in the midst of World War II. In the wake of an unjust termination from the San Diego Police Department and a turbulent divorce, Krane has no choice but to pack up his life and relocate to Oregon. When a trifecta of crimes befalls one of Portland’s premier well-to-do families, the president of a large insurance company, Charles Borgmen, seeks out the help of a seasoned detective, our hero, Sandler Krane, to make sense of it all. At the intersection of fraud, gambling, and drug addiction, the Borgmens’ son, Edmund, winds up missing—with several targets on his head from various seedy underbelly types from the depths of underground, crime-riddled Portland. It’s up to Krane and his band of unlikely supporters and sidekicks to unravel this complex—and at times, harrowing—case to return Edmund Borgmen unharmed. Is he up to the task? Will the masterminds behind Edmund’s disappearance best him? Only time will tell.

Sandler Krane, Private Eye, much like its main character, narrator, and namesake, wastes no time in getting down to business. Within the first few pages, the central conflict has already been introduced, and Krane hits the ground running in an effort to solve the mystery. The largest overarching issue with this novel is that it relies heavily on exposition. If you’re willing to forgive a little expository dialogue, then the fast-paced nature of this detective novel will rope you in in no time at all.

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