Save Thy Brother from the Sky by Sam C Eggertsen


Sam Eggertsen’s science fiction novel Save Thy Brother from the Sky is a thoughtful and well-written story about one man’s journey to find himself and learn his purpose in a world where he is, quite literally, an alien. Through this simultaneously confusing and enlightening journey, Loring also seeks to fill the emptiness that he has felt all of his life, the emptiness that has come from not knowing his history or having a family. In order to know who he truly is, Loring must dig deep into the secrets of his past and bring to light mysteries that had been forgotten, or purposefully hidden, generations before.

Eggertsen’s novel touches on difficult topics such as prejudice, discrimination, and the controversial concepts of determinism and fate. Humans, Raxians, and other alien life forms are all subject to prejudice and discrimination, as well as the discomfort and loneliness that comes from being viewed as an outsider, one who does not belong. Eggertsen urges the reader to reconsider what it means to be different as well as the ways in which these experiences can redfine and shape the course of a life. Eggertsen also discusses ideas of determinism and fate and the ways in which these concepts can both free and imprison individuals. While Loring may not realize it at the time, his journey will change far more than just his own life, it will have ripples throughout the entire universe.

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