Scratch the News: Filipino Americans in Our Midst by Cristina DC Pastor

four stars

scratchIn triumph and tragedy, Filipinos have always found a way to figure prominently in the news. Scratch the news and chances are, a Filipino is wedged somewhere between the folds; he could be a whistleblower, a witness, a victim, a suspect, or a casual bystander. While writing about her community, Pastor saw how Filipinos and Filipino Americans manage to mix and mingle in the media and try their best to stay out of trouble. The badge “model minority” seemed to apply to her people and somehow it couldn’t be helped. It could be the soldier in Iraq awarded for his bravery or the nurse who helped save lives in 9/11, whoever they are, Scratch the News honors their lives.

This is a wonderful sampling of the crème de la crème of the Filipino community. Shining examples to any young person of any background that hard work, perseverance, determination, and compassion will make a difference in their own community. Pastor has collected a poignant anthology of vignettes chronicling the trials, tribulations, and epic successes of an underrepresented culture. Throughout each interview, we see a theme of strong family values and the subjects wanting to better themselves. Their feelings of national pride are keenly felt at every point of the stories. Together, they are a beautiful collection of personal experiences, acutely reflective of the Filipino spirit.

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