Screwed Up World by Tim Shumaker


worldJay Storm wakes up on a cold winter morning like any other normal day. He gets ready for school, he meets up with his friends, and he goes with them to their morning homeroom class. Jay and his group of friends quickly realize something is wrong when none of the teachers and many of the other students don’t show up by the first bell. They all band together and try to figure out what could be happening. When they see some of their fellow students acting like rabid animals and unaffected by pain, they realize something is very wrong. Once Jay and his friends discover life as they knew it is over, they team up and fight for survival in a post-apocalyptic world that has become overrun by zombies.

Tim Shumaker puts forth a fun story about a world overrun by zombies with Screwed Up World. The audience finds a friendly and knowledgeable narrator in Jay Storm, a teenager living in a seemingly quiet suburb. The action and adventure start right away as the audience learns of the zombie outbreak in the first couple of pages. Long chapters help the audience keep up with the pacing of the story. With frequent twists and turns, the action continues throughout the entire narrative. While Jay and his friends are fun characters, it can be hard to keep up with all six of them in the beginning. Jay Storm’s play-by-play narration style can at times tell us too much extra information. Ultimately the reader will enjoy the action-packed story and will be waiting for more after the cliffhanger ending.

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