Self Reliance Mastery by Nathan Crane


craneSelf Reliance Mastery contains a series of in-depth and complex interviews from various self-reliance experts conducted, organized, and collected by Nathan Crane into one organic and thought-provoking text. Crane presents his topic of self-reliance in an extended introduction which outlines his own personal views regarding mankind’s current state as far as sustainability is concerned. Following Crane’s brief essay are 16 individual interviews with 16 experts in the field, all of which serve not only as crash courses on becoming self-reliant but also as intimate pictures of the lives, histories, and passions of these experts. Topics range from the discussion of an impending super storm to the medicinal benefits of cayenne, offering enriching dialogues about sometimes more obscure scientific discoveries and sustainability methods.

While some of the interviews may lack any fruitful and measurable steps towards achieving self-reliance, others completely outshine this fault and more than accommodate for those that are lacking. Each interview is followed by Crane’s textbook-style highlighting of important and memorable details, making the chapters even more accessible and the unnecessary tidbits easily overlooked. The most admirable trait of Crane’s Self Reliance Mastery collection is its dedication to the genuine convictions of each of its self reliance masters. The sincerity and science of these experts in their proclamations for the need for modern day self-reliance is difficult, even, for critics to ignore. In particular, the final interview with Jason Matyas might shake doubtful and unaware readers and spur serious intellectual debates among them about the steadfastness of certain financial and government institutions many find indomitable. Crane successfully unites 16 different perspectives on self-reliance into one anthology of interviews, creating a text as useful for the uninitiated as it is for the self-reliance practitioner.

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