Seven for a Secret by Rumer Haven

Seven For a Secret by Rumer Haven

four stars

sevenAn intriguing tale that twists together the paranormal with a witty rom-com, Seven For a Secret is both a ghost story and a romantic escapade. We follow twenty-four-year-old Kate as she moves into a new apartment, celebrating the freedom she feels as the year 2000 ushers in a new millennium. She decides to take a break from her boyfriend Dexter so that she can explore more of her spontaneous side, quickly developing a crush on her attractive next-door neighbor. However, it’s not long before her plan for romance goes awry, as she learns that her building, Camden Court, was once a hotel in the roaring twenties. Now, eighty years later, Kate is confronted with the reality that many of the hotel’s past guests haunt the halls. One of these supernatural beings happens to be ninety-year-old Olive, whose life ended in Kate’s very apartment. As the narrative unfolds, we learn that Olive holds a deadly secret she’s eager to share, one that links her to a scandalous affair involving a young man named Lon, who brings a whole bout of tragedy to the situation that Kate is forced to deal with, whether she likes it or not.

By pairing the modern-day story with intriguing elements from the 1920s, including ghosts and tantalizing trysts, Haven crafts a spellbinding plot that is sure to keep readers enraptured. Kate is a realistic modern-day woman, whose wants and desires could be considered both strengths and weaknesses. The story unspools at the perfect pace, layering more and more upon the reader as they move along the narrative. The comparisons that are drawn up between how women were treated in the early twentieth century to how they are viewed in the modern era is an especially fascinating element of the book which the author pulls off quite well. By blending genres of romance, historical fiction, and the supernatural, Haven pulls readers into her story with ease, as her talent for constructing such a juicy novel displays itself readily in every chapter.

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