Shadows of the Midnight Sun by Graham Brown

Shadows of the Midnight Sun by Graham Brown and Spencer J. Andrews

Kate Pfeiffer is caught in the crossfire, trapped between two powerful forces, one a holy order called The Righteous Fire, the other a group of vicious immortal beings known as The Fallen. In ‘Shadows of the Midnight Sun’ by Graham Brown and Spencer J. Andrews, Kate must align with a mysterious warrior named Christian, as pairing up with him is her only real chance of survival. The history between the two sides runs deep, their legacies and hatred towards one another described as a mixed up history that has lasted thousands of years. The battle of good versus evil rages on, transpiring in locations across the world while Kate tries her best to sort out what exactly is going on. Time may almost be out for all involved, as the journey ahead foreshadows an ancient prophecy that may bring about the end to everything that’s ever been known.

This book is jam-packed with entertaining elements, containing characters that are both FBI agents and vampires, setting the action in so many various cities, and bringing forth twists and turns on every page. The action is nonstop and will bring the reader in and not let them go. This is the first book of a planned trilogy, and even though not everything is resolved in the end, it is still a great read in its own right. What starts out as what appears to be a murder mystery quickly morphs into a supernatural thriller. The characters are all well developed, especially Kate, who serves as the unlikely hero of the tale. The authors’ use of description fully pulls the narrative along as it continues on. Without a doubt, this is a great piece of suspenseful fiction.

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