Shelby’s Flying Lesson by Eleanor Lawrie

The Complete Adventures of Shelby F. Squirrel & Friends: Shelby’s Flying Lesson
by Eleanor Lawrie

shelbyThe Complete Adventures of Shelby F. Squirrel and Friends: Shelby’s Flying Lesson tells the story of a young male squirrel named Shelby who has finally reached the age where he and his twin sister Darby are old enough to leave their tree and explore the ground below. As their mother prepares them for this escapade, she informs them that the F. in their name stands for Flying, as they are special squirrels who have the ability to take flight. This very idea frightens Shelby, as he doesn’t believe he would ever be able to fly as his mother claims. He races out of the tree, ignoring his mother’s plea that he never go down to the ground alone, and soon enough he is in a big heap of trouble. A menacing dog backs Shelby in a corner so that he has to run away, he ends up accidentally getting trapped inside of a large building with lots of people walking around. Before he knows it he’s in an elevator riding it up to a higher floor. All Shelby wants to do is return to his family. When he sees an open window and a tree below, without even thinking he takes his chance, flying out of the building by using his natural abilities, returning to his mother and sister and telling them that he will listen to the rules from this point forward.

This is a very fast paced children’s story that is full of excitement and tension, as Shelby finds himself going from one problem to the next on his adventure out of the tree that he grew up in. While we don’t learn too much about Shelby himself or his family, the author does a great job of moving the story along from one scene to the next in a way that children will find very entertaining. This is just one of the stories in the collection that Eleanor Lawrie has written about this spunky little squirrel.

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