Simon Loses His Tummy by Judith Wurtman

A story about an adorable overweight dachshund, Simon Loses His Tummy written by Judith Wurtman and illustrated by Kathryn Selbert is a children’s book that is sure to entertain. Simon is a dog that loves to eat cheese, but when he becomes too fat for his own good, his owners have to feed him healthy dog food. Simon hates the dog food, and refuses to eat it. He is lazy, and doesn’t like to go for walks either. He tries as best as he can to hide his gross dog food and beg for cheese, but his owners won’t give in. Eventually they take him to the vet to try and solve the problem once and for all. The veterinarian prescribes Simon a special kind of dog food that is not only healthy, but also tastes like crunchy cheese. With this new dog food, the best of both worlds are combined, and Simon and his owners can be satisfied. Thus, in conclusion, we are happy that Simon is content and will start to shed some of those extra puppy pounds!

This is a fun little book that children and dog lovers alike will get a kick out of. The illustrations are colorful and engaging. There is a lot of text on many pages of the book, but short action words highlighted in bold are bound to create a playful atmosphere when reading the book aloud. Although the moral of the story is not as forward as some other books, there is still a lesson here to be offered, as Simon’s situation shows us it is never good to overindulge ourselves. Wurtman based this story off of her own dachshund, Simon, thus bringing a real life encounter to the page, sharing the tale for others to enjoy.

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