Simple Portfolio Strategies by Peter Casula Jr.


Have you thought about reviewing your portfolio recently? The average investor tends to make a few mistakes when evaluating their portfolio and investment choices. This guide gives an overview of the things you should be looking at first when you begin to build your portfolio. The key to portfolio success is risk management. So how do you assess the risk involved in investing in the current market? How do you evaluate the global economy and the stock market? This guide recommends using a short checklist of economic and stock market indicators to assess the short-term, intermediate, and long-term trends in the market. You will need to diagnose the potential risks and rewards from each of the model portfolios. In doing so, you can choose the model portfolio that fits the current or future trend in the economy and the stock market. This guide helps you to take this important first step of evaluating macro-economic and market trends.

Simple Portfolio Strategies brings together a cohesive blending of visual details and instructional brevity. High impact information often comes in small packages and Simple Portfolio Strategies is no exception. Appealing to anyone that is thinking about evaluating his or her portfolio on his or her own, Casula has delivered a decisive how-to guide. Where some investors may struggle to decide where and how to invest, Casula has devised a detailed plan for every type of investor from low risk seeking to investors who are willing to take on more risk. While visually stimulating and illustrative, the graphs and charts serve an important instructional component that drives home his written points.

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