Sleeping with a Wall Street Banker by Marlene Morgan


bankerHighly confusing and complex, Sleeping With a Wall Street Banker, focuses mainly on Jake Logan and Alice Francis. Marlene Morgan bounces this story back and forth between New York City, Connecticut, and London while she bounces Jake back and forth between his new romantic partner, Alice and his former girlfriend, Jessica Brooks. He meets Alice in London, and after a whirlwind affair Alice not only ends up pregnant but thoroughly confused as to what Jake’s true intentions are. He continually disrepects her and emotionally abuses her, but she keeps going back to him and allowing the relationship to continue. Nearly 100% fooled by Jake, Alice doesn’t know the truth about Jessica until years into her relationship with Jake. By then, she has moved from Europe to America, yet she still succumbs to the lies. Jessica is mentally ill and the further along in the story the reader travels Morgan brings Jess, an alter ego, more and more into the forefront. Eventually, Jessica’s mental instability comes to a breaking point and even as Alice finally decides to leave Jake for good she is unable to. Jake’s choices throughout the story truly set Alice up for her ultimate demise as well as Jessica/Jess’ demise, too.

Marlene Morgan has written Sleeping With a Wall Street Banker in a very disjointed fashion. A reader will have a very challenging time trying to follow what is taking place. The first chapter should be a prologue versus a chapter as it has no connection to the story until the last few paragraphs. There are a ton of characters that pop up seemingly out of context and are only in the story for a few lines. This adds to the confusion. It is also difficult to connect to Alice and Jake because Morgan never really offers you an opportunity to get to know them from the inside out. Overall, Sleeping With a Wall Street Banker lacks depth and needs to be strengthened in order to have a plot that is truly desired.

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