Snooze by Brandi Russell


snoozeA bright and colorful children’s picture book that will help kids fall to sleep, Brandi Russell’s Snooze follows a playful sheep as he informs readers how important getting a good night’s rest is. The narrative follows the titular Snooze E. Sheep, who tells the reader he believes they are not getting enough sleep. By informing the young reader that they need to catch up and catch more of those z’s, he explains that getting the right amount of rest will help you to feel your best. By including ways to make getting sleep fun, with board games, helpful phrases to say out loud, and hiding Snooze clues around the house while the child is sleeping, the author has created many ways to encourage kids to get their rest. The book is both interactive and engaging, creating the perfect balance to intrigue young readers, while also convincing them that Snooze E. Sheep’s message is a very important one.

By including actual snooze clues at the back of the book that parents can cut out to use so their children can follow the trail to find a surprise once they’ve gotten some sleep, Brandi Russell makes this more than just a book to read before bed, she makes it an exercise that can actually help families. By using a sheep as the main character, the author ties in the ageless idea of counting sheep in order to help you fall asleep. The illustrations are crisp and perfectly fit alongside the simple text. This book is best suited for the K-2nd grade age range, but older children will find it entertaining as well. Hopefully, they’ll also find it making them very sleepy!

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