Snowflake’s Adventures on Mount Lifelong:

Snowflake and the Seven Sacred Movements

by Dan Fallon

Following the adventures of Snowflake the white gorilla, Snowflake’s Adventures on Mount Lifelong: Snowflake and the Seven Sacred Movements is the beginning of what is sure to be an engaging and charming book series for children. This book introduces us to Snowflake, who is a unique white gorilla born in the Green Bingo Jungle, the only one of his kind. He comes across Charlie, a wise old silverback gorilla who tells Snowflake that he is the chosen one, who is meant to climb Mount Lifelong and discover the true meaning of life. Charlie informs Snowflake that before he begins his journey, he must learn the seven sacred movements, which had been passed down for generations for this very occurrence. Charlie explains that the movements have magical properties, and will keep Snowflake safe and strong on his adventure. The seven sacred movements are then outlined and Snowflake performs them, so that he will be prepared to climb Mount Lifelong.

Written by Dan Fallon and illustrated by Paul Winward, this book continues the message of using the physical form to move and stay active in order to bring peace and harmony to one’s being. As in Dan Fallon’s other book Lifelong Movements for Kids that we previously reviewed, this book helps encourage young people to think about their physical activities. The sacred movements Snowflake performs will be sure to convince kids to try them alongside this lovable white gorilla, without even having to ask them outright. The illustrations are fantastic, and the text flows from page to page. The end of the story does end rather abruptly, but since it is clear this is the start of a series, it only begs the reader to want to read even more!

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