Some Are Shadows by David Sayre


shadowsSome Are Shadows by David Sayre is set in Miami Florida during 1952. The Miami Police department has a different set of priorities from private investigator Ben Sheen. It becomes up to him to find out who strangled Etta Childs and left her dead on the floor. As Sheen begins to investigate who killed the singer, he realizes this is a dirty case. In order to solve this murder, Sheen will go up against influential political powers, as well as old colleagues in the police department. As he searches for clues he’ll be drawn into an unexpected romance that he hopes won’t become the next casualty. Sheen will need all of his wit and a quick trigger to find out who is trying to stop him and who killed Etta Childs. Will Sheen be able to solve the murder and get the girl?

A well-written novel, Some Are Shadows has a reader friendly prose style that will engage readers from start to finish. Readers will become invested in Ben Sheen’s investigation while he battles the corruption of the Miami Police Department and its political players. Short chapter lengths help to keep the steady pace of the story as Sheen moves through his investigation. Facing multiple obstacles and push back from old police colleagues, Sheen will have to use all the tricks in his book to solve the murder of Etta Childs. The audience will enjoy his resourcefulness and a romantic subplot which makes his investigation more complicated, as Sheen tries to protect his new love interest. Twists and turns will keep the audience engaged to the end.

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