Soul Soothing Poetic Inspiration by Gracy Billingsley


sootheA collection of poetry that aims to relax, soothe, and inspire the reader, Soul Soothing Poetic Inspiration by Gracy Billingsley uses faith in the Lord to get its message across. The poet explains in the introduction of her book that this collection was “birthed out of obedience to God and a passion to see people empowered, free, and transformed.” The poems are saturated with the word of God to offer both hope and healing through the written verse. Broken up into five different sections including ‘Strength to Endure,’ ‘Power to Proceed,’ Mental Fortitude,’ ‘Grace to Overcome,’ and ‘Born to Abound,’ the author slightly shifts her tone and content, but the themes of faith, humility, and deliverance continue throughout the entire book. This book will appeal to those who already have a strong sense of belief in God and Jesus Christ, and can serve as a sort of introduction to those who are looking for a way to believe.

Since this book focuses almost entirely on God and the poet’s faith, it may not appeal to all, as it is very heavily religious in nature. The author finds strength through her faith and in the Lord which is admirable, and will certainly inspire those readers who are looking for a similar kind of relationship with God. If faith brings you comfort, then this book will offer a sort of soothing as it claims to. The poems are all pretty similar in nature, and we wish there would have been more about the poet herself, so that the reader could better connect with her life. Nevertheless, the passion she pours into each poem is obvious, creating a dedicated and enjoyable read.

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