Spartanica (Book 1 of ‘The Survivors of Sapertys’) by Powers Molinar

Spartanica (Book 1 of ‘The Survivors of Sapertys’)

by Powers Molinar

Indie Author News - Spartanica (Powers Molinar)BFTy and Marcus are two brothers whose lives seem pretty normal – boring, even.  That is, up until the day they discover an alien artifact in their basement that transports them to a dark and dangerous planet called Sapertys.  The boys stumble upon the ruins of Spartanica, once the planet’s capital city but now an utterly barren stretch of broken buildings, its inhabitants long since vanished without a trace – except for one.  Bellana, the young daughter of Spartanica’s elected ruler, lives alone among the ruins of her beloved city, but her life takes a sudden turn the day she meets Ty and Marcus.  Soon, the trio encounters a group of refugees from the fabled city of Atlantis, and together they set out on a journey to return Ty and Marcus to their own distant planet.  But just how they’re going to achieve that isn’t entirely clear, not to mention that a few of Sapertys’ darker denizens have their sights set on Ty and Marcus.  Suddenly, middle school is looking like the least of the boys’ problems.

Spartanica, the first book in Powers Molinar’s new series entitled ‘The Survivors of Sapertys, is pure magic.  This novel takes some of the best qualities of current hit children’s series (like Rick Riordan’s Percy Jackson & the Olympians) and mixes in numerous creative flairs, not the least of which is the world of Sapertys itself.  The result is a science fiction saga unlike anything in recent history.  Spartanica is a great choice for younger readers, especially boys, but the book’s true strength lies in its universal appeal: this is a humorous, peppy page-turner with quirky characters and a truly unique premise.  Perhaps the most intriguing part of this new series is the setting that Molinar has so cleverly thought up for us.  The people of Sapertys have a language and culture all their own, to the point where Ty and Marcus often have no clue what their new friends are talking about.  Half the fun of Spartanica is discovering this new world alongside the story’s main characters.

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