Speed Bumps and Angels by Cherie Kirby Hill Wren

four stars

speedSitting down to read Speed Bumps and Angels: A Personal Journey is like sitting down at the feet of one’s fascinating grandmother and listening as she shares tales from her life. Cherie Kirby Hill Wren keeps her life stories alive in her memoir. From falling into the lake at just two-years-old to saving another young boy going under years later, the author expresses how life’s challenges can be turned into learning experiences. But that example is just the start of her beneficial storytelling. Cherie Kirby Hill Wren was shot point-blank in the face by her abusive husband, and her description of the event is likely to brings tears to the reader’s eyes. Her story doesn’t end in violence and sadness though. Instead it concludes with the author expressing the concept that no matter how many challenges she’s faced, “God has a sense of humor.”

Cherie Kirby Hill Wren offers an honest to goodness look into one’s life. She shares the pains and sorrows along with triumphs and joys of a woman born in the early 1940s. Readers shouldn’t expect a fictional story mainly intended to entertain. Instead, they should expect to find just what the title implies – speed bumps and a few angels along the way. Occasionally, the timeline is a bit hard to follow, but if a reader has ever sat with a worldly and wise member of our older generation then he or she will be fully prepared to read Speed Bumps and Angels: A Personal Journey. Cherie Kirby Hill Wren has done a fine job keeping her stories alive within the pages of her memoir -something that too many have let slip away. Speed Bumps and Angels sets a great example for others to do the same – share their past, share their stories, and share the history of every day people.

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