Spin the Globe: Mysteries of Marrakech by Edward Moldenhauer

four stars

marrakechIn another adventure following Frederick von Wigglebottom’s travels around the world, we visit the city of Marrakech in Morocco. In each one of these engaging’s children’s books, young readers are exposed to a new city or country, learning about the local culture, customs, and history as they follow along the colorful pages. In Marrakech, Frederick meets a young girl named Yasmine, who takes him to the souk, a local market bustling with vendors selling all sorts of vibrant crafts and goods. Yasmine teaches readers about her traditional dress, and the delicious kinds of food and tea that are popular in the city. We learn about the history of Marrakech, and how it was originally founded as a stopping point for traders traveling from Europe to Africa past the Sahara Desert. The two travel to Yasmine’s father’s shop, where we learn more about the kinds of products that are regularly made in the area. They meet up with another boy named Azerwal and continue to tour the city, stopping by a beautiful mosque, and the large square at Djemaa el Fna, where more souks with handmade carpets lining the walls.

The best thing about this children’s series is that it pairs a fun, informative narrative with great illustrations that depict the story in a way that brings everything to life. There is a lot of information here, but the author has written it in a way that is easy to digest. You could read the entire book in one evening, or split up the chapters so that kids can enjoy the book over a few nights. By picking cities that are unique and not overly traveled to, the author is able to teach young readers about places they are likely to have never heard of, let alone visited. Yet, after reading a Spin the Globe story, it will feel as if they really have traveled the world, having gained a better understanding of the place they just traveled to through the pages of the book.

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