Spin the Globe: Where the Earth Meets the Sky by Edward Moldenhauer


spinAnother fantastic adventure with Frederick von Wigglebottom takes children to the land of Nepal, where the highest mountain in the world, Mount Everest is located. Here Frederick explores the Himalaya mountain range, informing the readers about the country along the way. When arriving to the country Frederick befriends a young man named Maila at the market. Maila becomes his guide and teaches him a lot about the people of Nepal, the religions of Buddhism and Hinduism, as well as their culture and practices. The people who live in Nepal are generally very spiritual, and this comes across through their architecture and monuments. Learning about the mountains and the brave people who climb them is a highlight of the book. Frederick also learns about the indigenous wild life like yaks, snow leopards, and exotic brightly colored birds.

Just like the other books in the Spin the Globe series, this book is highly informative and well researched. The story holds a lot of content, and will most likely be a book that will be read over the course of an entire week, not merely just one night. The illustrations add depth and context to the narrative. What is so special about this series is that most of the books depict countries that are very unique, and are not often covered in other publications for kids. Moldenhauer is succeeding in bringing awareness to diverse nations that children are bound to find enthralling. Readers will enjoy going on this adventure with Frederick, all the way up to the Himalayas!

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