Sprouted Soul: Whole-Souled Poems by Doobie

‘Sprouted Soul: Whole-Souled Poems’ by Doobie is a collection of thirty-four poems that explore the meaning of life. Each of these poems is very brief, coming in at just a half of a page between four and five lines. The words are coupled with brightly colored image of a scene of nature that is paired with the poem to evoke a sense of resolve in the reader. The pictures themselves depict trees in different stages of their cycles, ranging from singular trees standing alone in a snow covered field, to the rich colors of autumn leaves, to the lush colored greens of a thriving summer. The poetry itself reflects on the creator of our world, the God above who knows all, while also exploring the idea of a woman making her way through the trials and tribulations that we all come to face.

In a way, the poems in the collection ‘Sprouted Soul: Whole-Souled Poems’ that Doobie has so lovingly constructed flow into one another, telling a sort of story as the pages turn on. There is a consistency and an urgency that many poetry readers are sure to enjoy. Seeing as each poem is only a few lines, they almost stand as vignettes of what they could be, as there is not much elaboration or time to reflect, as the reader will find it somewhat difficult to find something to grasp onto. Nevertheless, there are many who find short, inspiring poems to be just what they need, and with the form Doobie has adopted for this collection, his reliability of style repeats itself again and again to create a memorable pattern.

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