Stacy’s Story by John Blenkush

John Blenkush’s novel Stacy’s Story is a harrowing depiction of one woman’s journey through hell on Earth. Up until her trip to Kettle Rock, Stacy Freeman is happy with her life. She is strong, healthy, and married to Cory, a man who loves her in spite of all things. He is truly her better half, the man that she knows she will start her family with and take care of in old age. All of this is changed when Cory is violently taken from in front of Stacy’s helpless eyes. Stacy is then abducted by Cory’s seemingly emotionless and conscienceless murderer and forced to confront the very limits of just how much she can endure. Stacy’s strength, both physical and mental, is almost broken during her time on Kettle Rock. However, when Stacy discovers that she is pregnant with a child that could belong either to her husband or to a murderer and rapist, Stacy must again reflect on the things that have happened to her and find the strength of self and soul to live again.

Stacy’s Story is the horrifying account of a life event that every human wishes to avoid at all costs, even if it is only in a book. Beaten, raped, and with the one that she loves most taken from her, Stacy must push through the confusion and hurt to find if her love for life is enough to keep her going. What if it is not? Is the criminal justice system a place for hearts that have not just been broken, but mutilated and distorted beyond recognition? Where is the line between human and animal? Stacy’s story brings to light many questions that are not for the faint of heart but also emphasizes that perhaps our hearts are not as faint as we may initially believe them to be.

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