Stashes by PJ Colando

The book Stashes by PJ Colando is the story of Jackie and Steve, and also of their son Brandon and his wife Amy.  Steve runs a micro-dairy in Michigan while Jackie works at the local school.  The couple decides to take a break from their lives and travel around the United States in an RV.  Brandon and Amy had some serious financial problems and lose their house, so they agree to move into Steve and Jackie’s house and take over the dairy business during Brandon’s parents’ travels.  Amy is the vice president of the local bank, and uses her power there to take a large portion of Jackie and Steve’s money, nearly causing them to completely run out of funds for their trip.  Further complicating matters, Amy comes up with an idea to start a business selling cookies- but cookies baked with marijuana.  As the story unfolds, financial, legal, and relationship problems are resolved in unexpected ways.

The author of Stashes uses an interesting technique in switching narrators, and in doing so the reader gets a better feel for the personalities of the characters, primarily Jackie and Amy.  The book is filled with clever turns of phrase, which add to the story and keeps the reader engrossed in it.  Because many people occasionally dream of travelling the country in a similar fashion to Steve and Jackie’s trip, Stashes is even more entertaining.  Amy and Brandon are a bit frustrating to read about since they seem to keep stumbling into financial and even legal trouble, but as the book concludes things seem to end in a satisfying manner.

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