Stealing a Summer’s Afternoon by AJ Sidransky


If you read one book this year purely for pleasure and the enjoyment of reading, choose AJ Sidransky’s, Stealing a Summer’s Afternoon. Sidransky’s novel is the perfect combination of humor, mystery, and good-natured law breaking. In Stealing a Summer’s Afternoon, Elliott Serlin finds himself questioning his place in his family, as well as in life in general, after losing all of his money in the most ridiculous Ponzi scheme ever. When Elliot then discovers that he may also be losing his comfortable, if boring, bank job, he knows that something has got to give and that he needs to get fast money from somewhere and by any means possible. Through a series of coincidental events and a partnership with his best friend and lifting partner, Elliot begins to plan a heist that could potentially save his bank account, his marriage, and the financial situations of many of his friends. Breaking the law has never seemed so practical and so sexy.

Sidransky’s novel is fast-paced, well-written, and downright enjoyable, while still boldly and frankly emphasizing how depressingly important money is in today’s society. Maybe money cannot truly buy happiness, but without money it is next to impossible to be happy. Elliott’s journey into lawlessness also highlights the importance of relationships and friendships in life, after all, what is money without friends to help you steal it and then spend it? Elliott’s antics and adventures will leave you laughing, cringing, and perhaps even considering your own spur-of-the-moment million dollar art heist.

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