Stella’s Funcke by Celeste Jona

Stella’s Funcke by Celeste Jona

stellaStella’s Funcke is a collection of over fifty poems written by author Celeste Jona that examines the strength of one’s inner self. It asks readers to look inside themselves in order to understand who they are, what they are, and why they are this way. Sorted into seven different sections including ‘Life is a Funny Thing,’ ‘I Am You – You Are Me,’ ‘Somewhere Along the Way We Got Lost,’ ‘We Bought Into the Deception and Lies,’ Look Deeper,’ ‘Realize Each Person You See Daily is Your Reason for Living’ and ‘You Can Choose to Free Your Convictions That You Purchased From a Dime Store,’ the poems revealed here are both rhythmic and insightful, causing the reader to wonder about their sense of worth, and how they fit into this complicated world in which we all are a part of.

While most of the poems are all a single page, the author does alternate her form, playing with line length, tempo, and the overall structure of each poem, offering up differences that readers will appreciate. Although the book is separated into different sections and themes, there is a constant thematic element that runs throughout the book and ties everything together in a pleasing manner. The section ‘Look Deeper’ is especially powerful, as the poet asks the reader to look at themselves in a different light, whether that be through ‘The Mirror,’ ‘When Wishing,’ or even at times to ‘Remember.’ This collection also brings in the strength and love of God as a driving force, offering up inspiration to those readers who are feeling lost. Although the subject matter is important and at times intense, this is an easy to read work that can offer hope and inner strength to any who read these structured words that poet Celeste Jona has so lovingly written.

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