Stemmare by Eugene Balakirov


71Fi+6H6TLLScientists are already cloning sheep. When will they begin to clone people, which just might lead to a form of reincarnation? This wild concept is at the core of Eugene Balakirov’s Stemmare. It is 2022 when the head of National Stem Cell Research in Boston is sent on a top secret mission by the President of the United States. The Masons have teamed up with the government in a crazy scheme to bring back powerful and beloved people from the past from Abraham Lincoln to Marilyn Monroe. Accepting this project ultimately leads to Eric Cross’s demise, and then the story jumps ahead fifty years. There is obvious corruption within the United States government, and more than one president is removed from office in one fashion or another. In the midst of it all, Texas has left the Union and elected their own president. Democracy vanishes as Balakirov takes the reader into a socialist America. Will the United States survive, and just what kind of a role did the stem cell project really play in all of the upheavel?

Eugene Balakirov pulls you in from the first page as he immerses the stem cell researcher into a mysterious experiment. Though it is seemingly clear that the babies born from the DNA cloning process have grown up to become derelicts in government and in the White House, suspense and mystery continue. Stemmare exposes government officials running wild nearly to the point of being implausible. Yet, Balakirov writes in a way that makes it possible for the reader to imagine such a frightening potentiality. With a present tense writing style, the reader will need to shift his or her perspective as Balakirov places one right alongside the characters and events as they happen versus looking back upon them after the fact. From this viewpoint, Stemmare will make you severely question what is going on behind closed doors from the White House to your next door neighbor.

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