Still Wilde in Outlaw River by Mike Walters

four stars

still-wildePicking up where The Outlaw River Wilde left off, this second book follows the continuing adventure of Mitch Wilde, creating a supernatural tale that focuses on a small western town where strange happenings are running rampant. Still Wilde in Outlaw River begins when Mitch escapes the frying pan and is thrown into the fire, as he finds everyone he cares about in his humnble Oregon town of Outlaw River in peril. The mysterious forces that were present in the first book, causing disappearances and unnatural occurrences return in this thrilling novel, as Mitch struggles to figure out what is truly going on. The storyline follows other characters including Mitch’s wife Mabey, his old neighbor Jasper, and his best friend Jack Jenson. With everything from native americans, to aliens, and unforgettable characters filling the pages of the second novel of this duology, it’s hard to put this book down. Walters has succeeded at continuing the suspense and intrigue presented in his first book, and wrapping up all the loose ends with this engrossing tale.

Something that makes this book special is the fact that it combines an abundance of seemingly unrelated themes into one creative context. A lot of stories fail when pairing science fiction with western settings and ideology, but Walters uses a skilled hand when weaving the story together in Still Wilde in Outlaw River. His likable characters are the kinds that readers are sure to be rooting for, as they struggle to figure out what the hell is going on in their town, and ensure their safety as the pages continue to turn, with twists and turns at every corner. While the first book of the series leaves off with a dramatic cliffhanger, this book does a perfect job of wrapping up the adventure of Mitch Wilde and all the other residents of Outlaw River.

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