Stolen Skye by Nina Loard

91eqASGFEGL._SL1500_Evelyn Skye is a bit lost.  Twenty-six years old, Evy has no father and only her barely-there mother – who seems to have an inexhaustible supply of potential suitors for her daughter to meet – to guide her.  Not to mention there’s a huge chunk of Evy’s young adulthood, the nearly two years she spent doing God knows what in Europe, completely missing from her memory.  Now, just when things look like they’re finally clearing up for Evy, she loses her job, too.  But Evy soon learns that sometimes the things we’ve lost have a way of coming back to us.  One fateful night at the local bar, she encounters a man who appears to know a lot about her for being a complete stranger.  Or is he?  Whether she likes it or not, Evy is a part of a bigger mystery involving the handsome stranger she’s just met and a colorful crew of jewel thieves back in Europe.  But Evy’s past doesn’t without consequences, as she’s about to find out.  The truth is out there, and it’s coming for her.

‘Stolen Skye,’ the first novel in the Skye Trilogy, is a fantastic debut from new author Nina Loard that’s brimming with emotion, a fabulously paced story about discovering what you want in life and being brave enough to pursue it.  What’s more, ‘Stolen Skye’ starts strong and only gets better as more of Evy’s tumultuous past is illuminated.  You’ll meet the entire line-up of fun and sexy characters that Loard has written into existence here, and Evy herself is a fully realized character with believable actions and a lively personality that’s both lovable and admirable.  If you’re looking for romance with a bit of bite to it, or adventure coupled with emotional depth, then this is the obvious choice for you.  And look for the second novel in the trilogy, “Broken Skye,” to come out soon!

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