Strain of Resistance Book 1 by Michelle Bryan


strainIn a market that has been positively overwhelmed with post-apocalyptic stories, Strain of Resistance is one that should not be overlooked. Michelle Bryan envisions a place where the end of the world is not quite what we had imagined. No comet destroying the earth, no nuclear fallout, and, no, not even zombies. Bryan’s work is an interesting take on what could put an end to human-kind once and for all, and perhaps it is a little more human than we had ever thought possible. Emma Bixby, twelve years old at the end of the world, has learned to be a survivor. Even after watching her father physically abuse her mother for years, Bix, as she is affectionately nicknamed, is not ready to shoot him in the head when his body ceases to belong to him. But she does. She learns to fight to protect her life, to protect her friends, and to protect humankind as she knows it. However, in Book 1 of the Strain of Resistance series, human life is on its way to becoming even harder to protect.

Michelle Bryan’s writing is brilliant, eloquent, and, at times, grotesque and downright disgusting– the perfect combination to create a novel about surviving the end of the world. With likable characters, uncertain futures, and a desire to know what happens next, the novel is easily finished in a day, and skipping work is highly recommended. With more books in the series, readers are sure not to be disappointed with Bix’s journey.

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