Stubby Pencil Poems of Great Basin Musin’s by G.B. Griffith

four stars

pencilA collection of nearly forty poems that ponders over rural life in Nevada’s Great Basin, Stubby Pencil Poems of Great Basin Musin’s by G.B. Griffith shares the poet’s firsthand experiences through poetic verse in an affecting manner. The poems range in their subject matter, with some pieces humorous, others spiritual, and some even sad. The poet’s goal is to educate and inform his readers about life out in the harsh landscape of this part of the west, where the environment often provides many challenges. Tales from the desert include poems like Gray Old Lady which follows an older woman now past who prime who used to be a great horse rider, A Rooster’s Requiem which details a powerful rooster who used to rule over the farm, and Fence Dispute which tells the tale of an angry snake ready to strike along the edge of someone’s property. These poems are entertaining to read because each one tells a singular story, all of them falling into the same realm of occurring in a similar setting out in the Great Basin.

Mostly all of the poems in this collection are around a page long, allowing the reader to get through them quickly, passing from one to the next in an easily enjoyable manner. The poet does a good job of keeping his subject matter related, his tone consistent, and his poetic voice strong. While he doesn’t experiment with form at all, the consistency works for this book, as we follow along Griffith’s musings in the dusty deserts of Nevada. Anyone who is interested in poetry, especially the kind that tells stories in a specific place will be sure to find Stubby Pencil Poems of Great Basin Musin’s by G.B. Griffith a pleasure to read.

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