Stupid Stories About Famous People by Andy Martello

four stars

storiesFor someone who has worked in the entertainment industry for over thirty years, Andy Martello does not consider himself to be famous. He claims that if there’s an A-List in Hollywood, he would fall somewhere on the ZZZ-List. Although he’s been performing in Las Vegas for a number of years, and many would even consider him “Las Vegas Famous” this amount of notoriety does not really translate outside the state of Nevada. This memoir is a collection of stories about Martello’s interactions with big-named stars like Audrey Hepburn, Michael Jordan, and Ted Kennedy. Throughout the book, Martello has lunch with Tony Curtis, sings with Buddy Guy, works a gig that leads him to Gladys Knight, and runs into Isaac Hayes. Each story is told in a humorous, down-to-earth manner that makes Martello’s accounts entertaining to read.

While this could be called a memoir in some aspects, it reads more like a collection of essays that focus on larger-than-life personalities with well-known names. It’s interesting to read accounts of famous people in a variety of situations, as it humanizes them in a way that paints them in a different light most aren’t fortunate enough to experience. Martello succeeds at maintaining a playful consistency throughout each encounter, but allows each meeting to offer up something fun and unique. With a collection of stars from a variety of different professions across the A-List, there is sure to be a story to appeal to every reader.

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