Success is Your Birthright: God’s Success by R. Stanton Tucker

birthrightSuccess Is Your Birthright: God’s Success by R. Stanton Tucker is a spiritual book that takes the reader on an emotional journey as they are forced to examine their lives and choices as they try to understand the true meaning of existence. The biblical story of Joseph is the guiding force of this expedition, as it is retold within the pages of this narrative with great fervor. As Joseph’s biography unfolds on the page, we read about his struggles and triumphs, which are filtered through a lens that causes us to reexamine our faith. Ideas about humanity, God, and religion as a whole are explored in this book in a variety of ways. As the back of the book claims, this work may help you find a spiritual awakening, build your confidence, bring about inner growth, offer encouragement through difficult times, challenge what  you previously held as true, open up closed hearts, and demonstrate love. Clearly, this is book that is full of a great deal of hope.

An entirely Christian work of non-fiction with many elements of self-help abounding on its pages, Birthright tackles a great deal of material. Luckily, Tucker has succeeded in keeping the book organized and focused, as the pages continue on, the ideas he gives to the reader are presented in a straightforward and mind-opening manner. It appears that his main goal is to strengthen the wills of others through faith in God, and through his examples and arguments, he does a rather good job at achieving what he wishes to. A book that could be helpful to anyone who is suffering, or experiencing a low point in their lives, Birthright brings about a shining light.

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