Suzie Slither’s Woods by Wanda Birchler

four stars

Screen Shot 2017-06-12 at 12.42.29 PMA collection of four short stories about animals in the woods of Missouri that mostly focuses on a snake named Suzie, Suzie Slither’s Woods by Wanda Birchler is an entertaining book for young readers. In the first story, Suzie Slither’s Silly Supper, we are introduced to the young snaked named Suzie, who is green with orange and brown stripes. Suzie wakes up from a nap very hungry, and decides to head down to a nearby barn to try and find something to eat. It’s not long before Suzie finds herself in trouble as big flying birds see her as food for them. The second story, Suzie Slither’s Super Summer introduces us to other animal characters like Tammy Turtle and Ronny Raccoon. The last adventure with Suzie involves a slippery slide down the hill in the snow with the children who live nearby. The final story focuses on a different animal named Henry the Hedgehog.

This book is perfect for young readers who are ready to start tackling longer material. While there are still colorful illustrations to go along with the stories here, the text takes up the majority of the pages, allowing children to practice their literacy as they follow Suzie and friends on her adventures. The book shares important lessons of friendship, working together, and accepting others who are different from you. Having the main character of the book be a snake is an interesting and fun choice, as there are not many books out there to feature this animal as the main protagonist.