That Truthful Place by Patty Lesser

four stars

A fascinating story with an out of this world plot, That Truthful Place grabs you from the very beginning. Author Patty Lesser writes about a young boy, who suddenly gains telepathic abilities upon his thirteenth birthday. He unexpectedly falls into a coma the night of his birthday only to wake up in the hospital a few days later with the ability to hear others’ thoughts. This experience is fun and exciting even though it is also a bit scary and overwhelming. Before long, young Alex learns that he is not the only thirteen-year-old with this new gift. In fact, there are a number of other new teens that experience just what he did. They form a very supportive and close-knit group as they secretly communicate with one another telepathically. But, how did this happen? What does it all mean? Will others discover their secret? And, just what is the reason behind it all?

Patty Lesser does a very nice job composing a young adult story of fantasy, suspense and adolescent friendship. That Truthful Place is a book that makes you want to keep reading, as lying it down is hard to do. As you read, you will come to a point of deep concern for the group of young teens as the suspense continues to increase. This is a story that won’t leave you wanting for more. It is filled with intrigue and possibilities that will stretch your imagination. Lesser developed a story that shines a beautiful light on the struggles of typical thirteen-year-olds merged with an unexpected supernatural gift, and in doing so, she shares with you a story you can’t wait to finish.

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