The Abduction of Joshua Bloom by Michael Thal

The Abduction of Joshua Bloom is an action-packed, fun-filled adventure. The protagonist, Joshua Bloom, begins his journey running from a tiger in Central Park, and the further excitement only grows and grows. To save Joshua from his imminent death, aliens from the far-away planet Oceania abduct the runner onto their spacecraft, leaving Joshua in a state of confusion and anger. Throughout the journey, though, Joshua becomes a part of the crew: he assists with missions to other planets, explores unknown lands, befriends “monsters,” and even dodges dinosaurs. When Joshua finally lands on Oceania, he learns of his true importance to the survival of the Oceanians, and the meaning behind why he is “the chosen one.” With one final journey back to Earth, Joshua must play his most important role yet.

Michael L. Thal’s The Abduction of Joshua Bloom is a book filled with excitement and constant intrigue. The action in the novel never reaches slow points, and the reader is always shocked and surprised with the twists and turns throughout. In some areas, the descriptions of the events seem underdeveloped; however, overall, the events are gripping, the scenery is descriptive, and the characters are well-developed. Readers will be sure to empathize with the emotions Joshua undergoes throughout his years away from home, just as they are sure to really feel for him during his return to Earth. Combining elements of love, loss, and legacy, The Abduction of Joshua Bloom is a read for those of all ages and interests.

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