The Addict’s Mom by Cassandra Collins

The Addict’s Mom: A Survival Guide by Cassandra Collins


addictAlcohol and drug addiction brings deep destruction into individual’s lives and the lives of their families. Cassandra A. Collins shares her personal journey through this extremely difficult, frightening, and sometimes shameful experience. The Addict’s Mom: A Survival Guide is exactly what it says it is – a financial, legal, and personal guide for parents of teens and adult children with drug and alcohol issues. Collins opens the book with her youngest son currently going through his second treatment program. Her transparent sharing of how not one, but both of her sons became addicted to drugs and alcohol is an opportunity for others to realize they are not alone. Collins shares where she and her husband made mistakes, and helps the reader have a better chance of not repeating such mistakes in their families. Even more The Addict’s Mom shares insight into life after treatment including legal issues and financial concerns. Broken down into three parts, this book is a fabulous resource that walks the reader through the trials and tribulations from a mother’s point of view.

Cassandra A. Collins has done a wonderful job compiling her family’s story alongside quite a few resources for other families, who may be facing similar situations. It is sincere and very practical. If you have a question or are curious about a specific aspect of addiction from treatment of addiction, to legal and financial considerations for the parents, to life after treatment including relapse, The Addict’s Mom: A Survival Guide has answers and resources for you. Covering the shoulds and the should nots, Cassandra A. Collins, a mom of a two addicts, has put together a desperately needed book for parents and close family members of addicts. Don’t remain in denial. Being an addict is not something that just magically goes away, and it impacts the entire family. The Addict’s Mom is a powerful resource to help parents and families truly survive and come out on the other side together.

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