To Alice by Brandon Zenner (The After War Series, Book 1: Part 1)

zenner★★★★★  It finally happened. The world as we know it is no more. It’s done, dead. First, the war broke out. Then came the disease. Together, these two tragedies purged the earth. People dropped like flies; cities fell; civilization collapsed. But, all was not lost. Some managed to survive—and this is their tale. The After War, Part 1: To Alice by Brandon Zenner is a riveting, un-putdownable post-apocalyptic novel that follows two pairs of protagonists as they make their way across the defiled North American landscape in an attempt to reunite with their families and find safe haven, and hope, in a dead world. Blue-collar cousins Brian and Steven emerge from their underground bunker in the Deep South; while rich boy turned wannabe park ranger Simon and his tail-wagging, tongue-flopping dog Winston leave their secluded cabin in the woods of British Columbia. Both pairs are bound for the East Coast, though their paths do not cross, and each encounters unthinkable complications along the way. Indeed, they are not the only survivors of the horrific ordeal, and danger, death, and destruction await them at every turn. From battling the elements and dealing with hunger, injuries, and fatigue, to confronting thieves, militants, and cannibals and struggling with their own insecurities, looming madness, and fear, the men travel a very trying course. It may be two years after the purge first hit, but he real war has only just begun.

Full of action, suspense, and jaw-dropping surprises, The After War, Part 1: To Alice by Brandon Zenner is a book that fans of the post-apocalyptic genre will definitely want to read. A fresh spin on a popular thread, it weaves together contrasting characters to create an incredibly colorful, albeit somewhat dark, yarn. As the protagonists face their many challenges, Zenner explores not only their physical dilemmas, but, also, their metaphysical strife, which makes the story very thought-provoking and deep. This eloquently-written, fast-paced novel is the first installment in what promises to be a compelling series, and it’s sure to leave readers wanting more.

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