The Age of Women by Joyce Martin


womenThe year is 2,300; war has ripped across the world. The armies have discovered a gene-targeted weapon, and they let loose it’s furry. The population of the world is cut into half, killing all male inhabitants, what remains? Women. The Age of Women to be precise, women have brought the world out of war, eradicated pollution, and devalued materialistic attitudes. In the same breath women have stripped all remaining men of their former powers, forcing them to serve the remaining female population as concubines and for furthering the race of women through impregnation. Romance and love are but pages in a torn and tattered history book of the forgotten Age of Man. Where love and romance were once cherished, now lay forbidden in the new world. Yet, a woman, Tara who longs for something more, discovers she and her friends are torn amongst their present world of splendor in the fractured and obviously still present world of man’s past. A past ruled through uncertainty and danger, all the while possessing the potential destructive nature to echo itself.

A telling of history, salaciousness, mystery, and mild humor, The Age of Women by Joyce Martin will make your head slant while reevaluating the meaning of the roles of men and women in today’s society. What you will walk away with is a newly developed questionable belief system that will force you to reevaluate how you teach your children about gender roles and the differences amongst the two sexes. In this book, the patriarchal female and male roles are distorted, giving forth a new meaning of the typical viewpoint, that elicits the reader to ponder over how they view the current age in which we live.

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