The Amended Family by Steve Ausman


familyThe Amended Family by Steve Ausman is a book about, as the title suggests, a pretty complicated family. John Murdock writes screenplays and lives in Los Angeles after moving there from his childhood home in Iowa. He visits a doctor after feeling run down, and after his follow-up visits and recovery, she asks him out on their first date. As it turns out, his amazing and beautiful doctor Elizabeth is actually already in a relationship with her amazing and beautiful roommate Catherine. John discovers that he cares very deeply for both women, and while he is initially shocked by their request for him to be the father of their child, he quickly warms up to the idea. Soon the trio are introduced to another couple, Anna and Margaret, who also want a child and like the idea of a handsome and caring man like John being the father. There is a third female couple that becomes part of this family of beautiful, kind, and caring people named Jana and Tran. They also want a child with John. For the most part and with very few hard feelings or jealousy, with the exception of Anna (who ends up leaving the family behind), all of these women and John manage to become a happy and loving family.

Though the relationships described in this novel are very unconventional, each character is portrayed as being a good person with solid family values and strong morals. John and all the women are also painted as very loving and caring, and the book only alludes to sex and has no swearing. The nature of the family that this group forms is described innocently and sweetly, and though the novel gets off to a slow start, by the middle of it the reader becomes intrigued with the complex family dynamic and all of the pregnancies. Though the story does seem pretty unrealistic, it is lighthearted and the goodness of each of the characters is truly heart-warming.

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