The Angel’s Revenge by Kane Lesser


The Angel’s Revenge by Kane Lesser is a novel about Breck Stewart and his group of friends and family. The book begins with Breck and one of his closest friends Robbie traveling in Europe and spending time on a yacht on the Aegean Sea. The pair have to cut their travels short when Breck sees Al at their hotel, and knowing that he is dangerous, they quickly return to the yacht. There they discover that the captain was murdered, so Breck and Robbie head back to Chicago where they have to deal with the kidnapping of their friend Jean Phillipe. They assume Al is behind the kidnapping, and Breck and a team consisting of Robbie’s uncle and several others set up a plan for Jean Phillipe’s safe recovery. The novel is filled with sex, drug use, murder, the discovery of long lost children, close friendships, and twisted family ties.

Though throughout the novel the characters’ reactions to events are somewhat overly dramatic, the things that happen are intense- such as several murders, people getting wounded, the kidnapping of Jean Phillipe, and Breck being reunited with two of his children. At one point toward the end of the book Breck finds out who his real father is and that he might come after him for his money, but nothing ever comes of this information as the book ends. Also, Breck has six other children besides the two that he comes back in contact with, and since he never meets up with the others the novel feels a little bit incomplete. Despite this, the book keeps the reader engaged by being filled with action and several complicated and well-developed relationships with his friends Rufus, Nobel, Sandy, and others that are fun to read about.