The Angry Man and the Weaver by Alexander Mescavage

The Angry Man and the Weaver by Alexander Mescavage and Eunice Taylor

four stars

angryThis modern-day re-imagining of the tales from the Odyssey creates an atmospheric narrative that is both risque and realistic. We follow characters who are modeled after their classic counterparts, as they struggle through life, searching for love, power, and revenge. The authors have clearly studied the original texts thoroughly, pulling out the best parts of each story and weaving them intricately into this new take. Readers who are interested in Greek gods, but have a taste for surprising stories that dole out bites of suspense are sure to find this book an entertaining one.

By taking powerful plot points from the Bronze Age and melding certain ideologies to today’s society, Mescavage and Taylor have crafted a one-of-a-kind tale that stands alone, even though it is modeled after previous works. The characters are both shocking and sympathetic, causing the reader to want to follow along the complicated journeys the authors put them on. With godlike humans and gods who seem far more mortal than they ever truly could be, this book is the perfect blend of originality, combining the old with the new.

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