The Anmorian Legends: The Wrath of the Exiled by Dhesan Pillay


Young Rezaaran Valhara is stripped from his home of Zenor by the uncontested Dominion, who are under the indomitable leadership of Lord Silvermire. Enslaved to mine ores, ninety-two years pass before Rezaaran is mysteriously kidnapped and taken to the Intergalactic Revolution of Independent Systems (IRIS), where he is trained to fulfill his destiny of becoming the only mage who can defeat Lord Silvermire and crush his dark rule upon the galaxy. Silvermire learns of the ancient sword that can give him ultimate power. But when he learns that this precious artifact is under the possession of Rezaaran, Silvermire plots Rezaaran’s demise.

Rising fantasy author Dhesan Pillay has created the first in a series of stories that has a delightful Star Wars and Marvel Comics feel to it. A cross between Luke Skywalker and Spiderman (Peter Parker), Rezaaran is cantankerous (Luke), constantly troubled with doubts (Peter), and dealing with vengeance (both). And like Luke and Peter, Pillay’s protagonist is maturing – indeed earmarking him as a dynamic character. Aside of the similarities, Pillay includes a well-developed supporting cast set within unique surroundings that are clearly otherworldly. Chapters flow seamlessly from one scene to the next, alternating between Rezaaran’s adventures and Lord Silvermire’s diabolical plans. Obviously, with a war raging there is a great deal of dark scenes. Pillay lightens these dismal moments with Rezaaran’s snarky comebacks and derisive bantering with characters such as Cosmonox (a cyborg) and one of Rezaaran’s commanding officers, Ashana. Additionally, Pillay includes a bit of mystique by opening and closing his third person narrative with a prologue and epilogue that are set in first person point of view. The Anmorian Legends:  The Wrath of the Exiled is entertaining, riveting, and ends with a huge cliffhanger that is a great lead into Pillay’s upcoming sequel, Legacy of the Sentinels.

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