The Arrow by Maureen O’Leary


the arrowAs a child, Fynn Kildare lived a charmed life in Brigid’s Keep-a commune by the sea full of the Divine ones living in secret-until one day when a healing went terribly wrong. A woman implanted with a demon virus snuck in and infected Fynn, which forever changed her. Now, as an adult, she has made her own way in the world. She uses her knowledge to create cures instead of actual healing. But no matter what she does, she can’t break the ties that bind her and her family. There is a war coming. Demons are at the doors of the Keep, and they only have one thing on their mind-complete and total control of the humans as well as the divine. Fynn must choose between her new life and joining with her family once again in order to save everyone.

Maureen O’Leary brings a story that will captivate you from page one. The Arrow is a roller-coaster ride of emotion that will keep you turning pages and then waiting with bated breath for more. O’Leary writes with a passion for storytelling that you can easily see in this book. The attention to detail is amazing-even the smallest thing has been completely thought out with a reasoning and back-story. They mythology aspect is also done spot-on. You can tell she has done her research while writing this. O’Leary has written fully developed characters that are very human and are dealing with very human emotions, particularly Fynn. She began life knowing nothing but love and happiness. The darker emotions were something she had never experienced until she was infected with the demon virus. Then she was filled with hate, pain, anger, jealousy-all of the things we try to fight. She didn’t know how to deal with these things and they consumed her. Eventually Fynn was able to learn how to process them but she was never the same. She has to deal with them every day and it is a journey that we take with her as she confronts them head on while also dealing with the betrayal she feels from her family. Mythology, betrayal, corporate espionage, romance; all of this and more has been melded together flawlessly in this novel.

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