The Bad Specimens by T.D. Clare


Screen Shot 2015-08-06 at 11.23.55 AMA few hundred years from now, a random sample of humans will be extracted from points across their planet. They will be held captive, in varying degrees of isolation both physically and emotional from other humans. Their captors will perform unspeakable experiments that will challenge their humanity and physical abilities. In their new world, the humans cannot refuse or consent anything, and there are no such things as human rights. While attempting to cope with previously unimaginable pain, the human specimens must individually determine if and how they desire to continue to live. Which of their human trials will aid in their survival, and which must they relinquish? Some of the humans that were taken are: Ian, an actor in his past with possibly no skills to help him survive; Elizabeth, a diplomat in her former life; Gaia the mid-wife, and Kate whose will to survive won’t be based on the children she is forced to carry and then give up. Once you take away the identity of a person, and their purpose, what is left?

A thought-provoking and gripping page-turner from page one, The Bad Specimens may keep you up at night. This work explores our basest tendencies as human beings against a harsh backdrop devoid of any feeling. This provides a colorful landscape of fear, grief, anger, and unfathomable sadness. In a world of emotional darkness, the smallest sparks of happiness, hope, and friendship glow brighter than here on Earth. We have had a longtime love affair with aliens and what it would ultimately look like. Now we have the ultimate trifecta in The Bad Specimens: alien abduction, loss of human rights and loss of human interaction. Clare’s exploration of the human psyche is well worth the read.

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