The Barney Wyrm by Lee Knapton


At the beginning of The Barney Wyrm which is written by Lee Knapton and illustrated by Brant David, we are introduced to an ordinary young boy named Billy Peters who loves sports and hates kisses from his aunties. When Billy hears something coming from his wardrobe he goes to investigate, only to find a terrifying dragon-like creature named Barney hiding there who smells like cat poo. We are then given a quick history of the different kinds of dragons, of which The Barney Wyrm is the last remaining. There were the grand dragons, the kind of ancient folklore, the middle dragons who were smaller and more wary of humans, and then the wyrms, who were smelly and about the size of a car. We then return to the scene between Billy and Barney in his room, after Barney decides he may eat Billy, Billy faints, only to wake up and notice that Barney is gone. He wonders if it was all just a dream…

This is a well organized and beautifully illustrated children’s book that has an original fun text to go with the colorful artwork that brings Billy, Barney, and all of the other characters to life. If you have a young son or daughter who is a fan of dragons, this book would be perfect for them, as it adds a new spin on the famous mythical creature. This book has a little bit of a funky kick to it, as it discusses weird smells, and strange looking beasts, all of which is sure to delight and entertain children in a humorous way. All in all, this is an exceptional children’s book that dragon-lovers and everyone else is sure to enjoy.

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