The Blood of God by Darin Bowler

four stars

The Blood of God: Appreciating and Applying the Remedy for Your Sins by Darin Bowler is a religious and spiritual self-help book that aims to guide people to the saving power and forgiveness that a belief in Jesus Christ consists of. A Bible teacher and an associate pastor at Lodi Christian Life in Lodi, California, Bowler clearly holds a great deal of knowledge about scripture and Christian teachings. The lessons that he explains within this book can be applied to every day life to help those who have lost their way. Bowler claims that the reason many people give up on themselves and on God himself is because they do not have a clear understanding or appreciation of the fundamental saving power of the blood of Jesus Christ. This book is broken down into five easy to follow chapters that offer up Bible passages and then sections of explanations dissecting what they mean in a way that any reader can digest and understand with ease.

As Bowler explains, the Bible is a rather practical book, it does not go into super flowery language or descriptions, instead it gives the reader truths in order to guide them towards the way in which they should live. This is the kind of self-help book that could be useful to anyone who feels lost and without hope. If you are searching for something to believe in, then the teachings of Christianity, of love, and a belief in God and Jesus Christ may be something that can help to heal your soul. And as Bowler explains in his book, The Blood of God, Jesus sacrificed himself on the cross so that we could all be saved and find peace in his strength.

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