The Bloodline of Wisdom by Anthony Boquet


wisdomThe Bloodline of Wisdom: The Awakening of a Modern Solutionary by Anthony “Tony” Boquet follows the complex story of Joe Morrison, a twenty-two-year-old man living in Southern Louisiana in the early 1980s. Shortly after the death of his father, Jules Jr., Joe receives a cryptic message with a map and a key attached. The map leads him to a secluded isle that few would dare to traverse for its varied and venomous wildlife inhabitants. In the midst of the swap, Joe uncovers a series of scrolls and some writing that leads him to the conclusion that he is one in a long line of descendants that can trace their heritage all the way back to King Solomon. In exploring these documents, Joe not only discovers the deep knowledge imparted by King Solomon through his scrolls, he also establishes a close, albeit posthumous, relationship with his grandfather through his ancillary texts. As it turns out, both Joe and his grandfather shared a predilection for pursuing wisdom in all things. It seems only fitting, then, that they would be Solutionaries: the direct descendants of Solomon, who was known for his unparalleled wisdom. Joe delves deeply into the lessons that his grandfather gleaned from his research and draws his own conclusions from both the original scrolls and the wisdom that his grandfather extracted from them many years before. He then allows these teachings to seep into every aspect of his life, in order to better honor his extraordinary bloodline and live up to the stature of being a modern Solutionary.

Written from the first-person perspective primarily, The Bloodline of Wisdom: The Awakening of a Modern Solutionary gives an intimate look into the thought processes of the protagonist, Joe Morrison. From the moment the reader encounters Joe, he or she learns of his inherent goodness, his predisposition for doing the right thing and holding steadfast to a firm moral compass. This moral compass directs him throughout the novel and makes for some interesting insights into the fallibility of human nature. Since this book deals with the subject matter of the bloodline of Solomon, there are absolutely some religious underpinnings as well as overt nods to the Bible. In essence, the novel speaks to the age-old concerns of morality and ethics with a Christian slant. Of course, since it’s fiction, it also has the added benefit of being wildly entertaining, in the same vein as other historical fiction written about clandestine ties to Biblical figures. If only for its sheer entertainment value, The Bloodline of Wisdom is worth a perusal, but it truly demands a deep dive into the questions it raises about moral character and wisdom and the answers it posits. All in all, it serves as a modern fable, fit to burst with nuggets of applicable wisdom for living life better each and every day.

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