The Blue Science of Heart or Our Time Together by Radu Andrei

four stars

raduThe Blue Science of Heart or Our Time Together is a collection of thirty nine poems by Radu Andrei that chronicle the dividends of where friendship and love take us, as we allow our lives to bring us into a state of transcendence. By brining in elements of the world around us, Andrei constructs deep poems in simple lines that speak to the heart of the reader about the ideas of love. Exploring topics like solitude, strangers, dreams, different religious ideology, and even astrology, there are a wide array of filters that are applied to the words that Andrei pairs together in the forms that he has created. While most of his poems are only a page long, some run longer in length, yet the accentuation on the lines of each poem is where the main focus lies within this collection. As the poet refers to his own work, he dedicates his poetry to men and women in love, along with the flowers and herbs of spring, which both fold together to bring back the miracle of life.

While these poems focus on the great aspects of love, those souls who are in between lovers, or who have yet to find their soul mate will also find poems to enjoy within this collection. Andrei is a poet who follows form through function, as he applies the lines to his words just as he does so in the reverse, therefore creating each poem with careful consideration. It is obvious from his work that he is a poet that cares a great deal about his craft, and it shows through the shining highlights that glow off of the poems contained within The Blue Science of Heart or Our Time Together.

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