The Brownstone by Julie Brown

This novel follows Lili Wentworth as she  has to overcome forces that keep her  mind on thoughts about spirits, love, responsibility, and loss, with travels to London, Julliard, as well as New York City. When a scandalous truth comes forth from a young dancer, Lili Wentworth’s dream life is shattered, with the revelation threatening to alter it forever. She must re-evaluate her life with the assistance of a family friend. On her journey, she develops loyal friendships and bonds, one in particular which finds her having to decide if she will chase after this deep affection, or leave it behind. Will Lili defeat what threatens her the most, or will she fail and be defeated by her own worst enemy…herself?

The Brownstone, written by Julie Brown is the first book of The Brownstone Series. Many people have suffered from some sort of loss in their lives, for one reason or another. A reader will find themselves spiritually, emotionally, and mentally connecting with the main character Lilli’s life experiences right away, as the author skillfully weaves them through the concepts of life after death, of joy after devastation, healing, and a journey towards clarification. The story is exciting, adventurous, and far from predictable. A reader will find themselves finished reading quickly, as the suspense to know what happens next is increased with each chapter. I absolutely related to and loved this book. It has everything a well-rounded reader could want; adventure, romance, suspense, and a great mix of events and emotions. This is a must read new series from a promising new author.

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