The Brownstone: Celtic Whispers by Julie Brown


brownstoneLili Wentworth has been through a lot in her life. She lost both of her parents at a young age, then later lost her lover and companion, Terrence. She suffered an injury that derailed her career as a professional dancer, and endured an intense period of self-discovery and conflict, where she confirmed her longtime suspicions that she was “Gifted” in an extraordinary, otherworldly sense. Now, things are finally starting to take a more positive turn in Lili’s life. Yet, Lili is still unsure of herself and her future, and, as things fall in line, she doesn’t know whether she’s being set up for happiness or failure…The third entry in the Brownstone series, The Brownstone: Celtic Whispers finds Lili in good times. The brownstone has recently expanded, both in terms of size and tenants, and Lili’s business endeavors are proving very fruitful. What’s more, her friends and family are achieving major life milestones, including marriage, childbirth, artistic expression, and professional success. But, as everyone and everything thrives around her, Lili finds herself at a bit of stalemate. Her past continues to haunt her; her late father’s prophecy lingers over her head; and her foretelling dreams hold her back from pursuing a relationship with the man she loves. But, Lili is not one to remain idle. She embarks upon a journey, as metaphysical as it is physical, that carries her to unexpected places, where she learns invaluable lessons about love, spirituality, nature, and walking the thin line between desire, morality, and reason.

The Brownstone: Celtic Whispers by Julie Brown is a rich, multilayered story replete with romance, adventure, suspense, mysticism, and both interpersonal and inner-personal drama. A very touching, soulful tome, it explores, and challenges, the boundaries of life as we know it and ultimately shows that the “human experience” isn’t as cut and dry as we perceive it. As Lili continues to come to terms with her Gift, discovers shocking secrets, and struggles to make difficult life decisions, the reader can’t help but feel concern and worry about her fate. But, with that concern and worry, there comes great comfort. Just as Lili learns a great deal throughout the novel, the reader learns a great deal through her story—and, in the end, both are left with a greater understanding of what it means to truly live, love, and experience freedom.

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